#C13DEN Collaborate 13 Urban Revival Night Party IOUG/OAUG/Quest

Denver Colorado Convention Center April 10, 2013 – Thank you to all the attendees, volunteers, sponsors and staff who made this another legendary week of Oracle education for everyone!  See you in 2014 – Collaborate 14 – Las Vegas, Nevada April 7-11, 2014 – Venetian Resort and Conference Center.  Taped for by me.


IOUG’s 20th Anniversary Videos [Plus the Director’s Cut]- Recorded Live at OpenWorld 2012

IOUG Official Version:

Extras Edit:

Director’s Cut:

Momoiro Clover [+Z] MomoClo ももいろクローバーZ

A haunting version of Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi Tachi Yo (サラバ、愛しき悲しみたちよ, “Farewell, My Dear Sorrows”) (Music Box version by Orgel Sound):

My own MomoClo YouTube collection:

Like this ever needs an explanation. it’s MomoClo!

My particular favorite tends to be もリフだョ 全員集合(Morifu Dayo! Zenin Shuugou …because to me, it shows off their versatility.)

Why? They’re weird. Cute. Songs steeped in tradition. Able to parody themselves. Dance like P90X done for 2.5 hours straight, in costumes. The backing arrangements are exotic, symphonic and listenable on their own. The lyrics actually mean something (usually.)

Try a read of this wiki article covering just a smattering of this group’s unique traits:

Most uniquely – where else do you find passionate fans overseas in Paris, France able to totally support 5 teenage girls performing a capella due to a power-failure mid-concert? (Orange Note – オレンジノート)

Momoiro Clover [+Z] MomoClo ももいろクローバーZ

Happy! Go! Lucky!

I’ve been thinking lately about where I would place Momoclo’s songs in a ranking, what ones do I love the most, and why.

Some of the inspiration for this comes from the recent news of Momoiro Clover Z being the group chosen to sing the theme song for the new Sailor Moon series in 2013.  Suddenly Momoclo’s videos on youtube were blowing up with english comments, and let’s just say not everyone seems as excited as I am about it…   But even I have to admit that if my first exposure to the group was a rather sloppy live cover of Moonlight Densetsu, I might not have been too happy either!

I don’t expect Momoclo to appeal to everyone, in fact, their strangeness is one of the things I like most, and that very thing may be what drives some away.  But, I’m sure there are some people out there…

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Geeks! The Musical! – Dr. Who (Rap Version)

Inspired by Geeks! The Musical by Thomas J. Misuraca, three of the Original Cast members, Tyler Koster, Steven Alloway and James Lui present our beatbox interpretation of one of the fine musical numbers, Dr. Who for all the fans of the show. More show and cast information available at

Amazing Geeks! (The Musical!) The Workout! – Featuring the Original Cast

Geeks! The Musical! written by Thomas J. Misuraca has finished it’s record-breaking World Premier run – that 8 of 9 sold-out shows! This is a parody aerobics exercise video the cast dreamed up during those long rehearsals for what will become a legendary fictional depiction of life and times of the days of the epic Comic-Con conventions! Fantasy, anime, Sci-Fi, comic lovers and CosPlay unites under the performances of an incredibly talented cast and original musical score by Ruth Judkowitz, who inspired this Disco remix version of her Finale composition. Big Thanks! go to Laura De Lano for providing the aerobics leadership and choreography adaption in this video.

Visit for more information and ticket availability.