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SROAUG Conference Call for Papers! 7/22/2012

SROAUG Conference Call for Papers is Open!.

Cleaning up the IOUG Blog Site

Results from the Dashboard

You may or may not have visited http://blogs.ioug.org which is powered by stand-alone WordPress.  But after learning how WP works with my own blog, I volunteered to start cleaning up the Independent Oracle Users Group’s blog site and low and behold, lots o’ spam.

Don’t leave the Comments door open for unregistered users to post automatically-approved comments.

Face-lift in-progress for IOUG

The blog is being re-formatted to adopt the new contemporary IOUG website look-and-feel as well as make it more useful to users.  Feel free to leave any feedback you have about what you would like to see on the site, or here.