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Oaktable World at Openworld – What is/was it? #OTW13

By the time you read this, OakTable World will probably have been vanished back into the great cloud of Oracle education events.  But what is/was OTW (#OTW13)?Oaktable World Logo
OakTable is a collaborative effort to bring solid technology content-deep educational alternatives to the already attending (and largely ca



12c Histograms pt.2

Oracle Scratchpad

In part 2 of this mini-series I’ll be describing the new mechanism for the simple frequency histogram and the logic of the Top-N frequency histogram. In part 3 I’ll be looking at the new hybrid histogram.

You need to know about the approximate NDV (number of distinct values) before you start examining the 12c implementation of the frequency and top-frequency histograms – but there’s a thumbnail sketch at the end of the posting if you need a quick reminder.

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