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The Oracle Database 12c “Formerly-known-as-Next-Generation” at Collaborate 13

#C13DEN Session 671 – Monday 4/8 9:45A Mineral Hall Ballroom 3B (the room right next to my Introduction to Fusion Middleware- same Monday 9:45A, but MHB 3C) – These rooms are on the First Floor down in front of the main theatre.

Rich Niemiec speaks on Database 12c Features and Functionality in the way only Rich can do it (meaning 200+ pages of slide deck).

Oracle Magazine March 2013 - Database 12c Printed Publically
Oracle Magazine March 2013 – Database 12c Printed Publically

Here’s why we can call it “12c” – Oracle printed it for us to share in last month’s Oracle Magazine:


Oracle OpenWorld 2011 Networking Opportunity Events

Where I can keep track of the special events (note: these are not “parties” as so many people are misled to believe) at OOW:

  • NAmer Presidents Reception, Saturday 5:30p-6:30p, Westin Hotel
  • OOW Opening Reception, Sunday 7p-10p, Yerba Buena Gardens
  • Oracle ACE Dinner, Sunday 7p-9p, <tbd>
  • IOUG Member Gathering, Monday 6p-7:30p, The Chieftain
  • My Oracle Support, Monday 6p-9p, <tbd>
  • interRel Cust. Appreciation, Monday 6:30p-9p, Waterfront Rest (Pier7)
  • Oracle Retail Appr, Monday 7p-10p, Banana Republic Flagship
  • OOW OTN Night, Monday 7:30P-10P, Yerba Buena
  • Cisco Exec Appr, Tuesday 5:30p-8:30p, Pier40 Yacht Cruise
  • Data Intensity, Tuesday 6p-9p, E&O
  • Oracle Press Authors, Tuesday 6p-9p, Roe Restaurant
  • Exxova, Tuesday 7p-10p, Sir Francis Drake Hotel
  • OPN/Titan Awards, Tuesday 7p-9:30p, SF City Hall
  • OAUG Appreciation Event, Weds 6p-8p, Weinstein Gallery
  • OOW Appreciation Event, Weds7:30-10:30p, Treasure Island
  • OOW It’s a Wrap, Thurs 4p-6p, Yerba Buena
Feel free to post your own additions in the comments.