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Star Trek Cell Phones

Attention Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola: why have you not taken a simple flip-phone cell design and embellished it just a wee bit to make it into a faux Star Trek ™ communicator?

Doesn’t need the touch-screen, or even a lot of 4G features. Even if it just worked as a cell phone, people would buy them just for the coillectors’ value. Done well, we’d all just like using them because they’d be small and easy to carry, but have a cool factor beyond description.

It’s worth licensing. Even if you never get around to making the bluetooth version chest communicator badge – which is an automatic up-sell.

And no, I wouldn’t consider the Star Trek Communicator iPhone app a substitute for this physical item.


Stopping Cell SMS Text Spam (7726)

Cellular phone carriers seem to be a little imbalanced when it comes to marketing.  They over-indulge us with offers to switch, get better phones, go faster, be more hip and stylish.

But when it comes to something actually useful, you have to learn about it by Google‘ing it?

Register your received Spam SMS text messages that get sent to your phone with your local carrier by forwarding it to 7726 (SPAM, if you actually had letters on your phone number buttons)

Because of how SMS was implemented, it’s near impossible to block a specific Spam sender, but at least you can help raise visibility of where they are coming from (even though, the source addresses are probably being spoofed, as well.)