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Collaborate 2012 Networking Opportunity Events/Party List – Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay

Where I can keep track of the special events (note: these are not just “parties” as so many people are misled to believe, but yes, alcohol is usually to be found) at Collaborate 2012:

  • IOUG Welcome Reception (Ops Classified), Sun 5-7p, Mandalay L
  • Virtualization SIG Meet and Greet, Sun 4-5p, Surf F
  • OAUG Welcome Reception, Sun 6:30-8:30p, Shark Reef Aquarium MBay
  • Geek Meet, Mon 8-9p, Mandalay L
  • Collab Welcome Reception, Mon 6-8p, Exhibitor Showcase
  • TruTek Original Software Party, Mon 7-11p, MB Hotel Suite 34135
  • Quest/TOAD Reception, Mon 8-10p, MB Eyecandy Lounge
  • Collab Exhibitor Showcase Happy Hour, Tues 5:30-7p, Exh Showcase
  • RF-Smart/JDE Alliance, Tues 6:30-9:30p, Border Grill
  • TierData/Excel4apps/More4apps Reception, Tues 8-11pm, Mandalay Bay (minus5° Ice Bar)
  • CSS/DSI Tues 7-11p, MB House of Blues Concert
  • Collaborate Back to the 80s Party, Weds 7:30-10:30p, Mandalay Bay

It’s Here, IT’S HERE! Geeks! The Musical!

1st 3 T/F/Sa in March @ 8pm Write Act Repertory Theatre Hollywood 90028

Thanks to the caring efforts of Tom Misuraca (W), Bennett Cohen (D), Anne Mesa (P), Ruth Judkowitz (M), and Liz Heathcoat (C) – We’re coming to the stage in song, dance and full dress geekiness! The Comic-Con comes to life in Hollywood! Geeks! The Musical!

Tickets on Sale Now at Plays411.com – https://www.plays411.net/newsite/show/play_info.asp?show_id=3037

A few discounted seats at GoldStar.com – http://www.goldstar.com/events/hollywood-ca/geeks-the-musical

And BrownPaperTickets.com – http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/230405

For those who do not know, a Comic-Con is a convention amassing fans of a huge number of different themes in one: comic books, science fiction, movies, books, costumes, characters, anime, fantasy, gaming, Dungeons & Dragons (role-playing games), online gaming, card games, MMORPG‘s, Angry Bird look-alikes, people who want to look like their favorite character (or people who want to BE their favorite character).

Geeks! The Musical is a stage adaptation of that multi-ennial experience that normally could only be absorbed by standing in HUGE lines for the possible chance to get a brand new pre-release toy/video/shirt/comic/thing.  For the price of admission, you will witness love and hate relationships at play amidst the cacaphony that is, The Convention. See what attendees normally laugh and point at with a smirk, thinking “Does that person know what they look like!?”  YES! We do and are ready to SING about it!

See it before our ticket prices climb to the astronomic levels of the CON!

Playing the 1st 3 weeks of March 2012 (through 3/17), Thursday/Friday/Saturday at 8:00 p.m. (PST) at the Write Act Repertory Theatre in the heart of Hollywood, CA.