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Bad Tea (bags) vs. Good Tea (bags)

Dear Tea Companies –

ImageWhen the first pyramid/silk tea bags appeared out of my little boxes of tea, I thought, “What a pretty little bag!”  Then, after drinking my steeped beverage, I, as usual tore off the string and tag, and placed it into my composter, which had been fine for many years.  A few weeks later, when turning it over, I noticed the bag was still sitting there.

And you know what? 1,000 years later, that little bag will still be there, all pristine and pretty, because it’s plastic. Very tough plastic. Plastic that apparently is cheaper than the filter paper (mostly made of wood pulp, or other normally compostable materials.) Plastic that will withstand being used as an e-cigarette high temp vapor filter.

ImageI don’t want yet another larger carbon footprint from what used to be one of humanities least bio-expensive processed foods – please use simple paper instead.


Or perhaps even better, keep it loose and provide a reusable sack filter instead (only need 1 or 2 per box).

Or if you’re the tea-drinker, just use one of these infusers with loose tea. ImageThey even make tea bag-shaped versions, if you’re psychologically attached to that shape.Image I don’t need for my simple tea leaf to have turned bad because of a cosmetic packaging idea.

Thanks, from a tea-drinker (and coffee, too).