Shinnyo-en Chorus Recordings

Repository of Sheet Music, Rehearsal Recordings and Accompaniment music for Shinnyo-en Los Angeles Temple
Right-Click to download MP3’s (Option-Click for Mac OSX)

The Hue of Shojushin-in-sama’s Heart (Piano Only Accomp MP3)

The Hue of Shojushin-in-sama’s Heart (Alto Only MP3)

The Hue of Shojushin-in-sama’s Heart (Soprano Only MP3)

The Hue of Shojushin-in-sama’s Heart (Soprano + Alto MP3)

The Hue of Shojushin-in-sama’s Heart (All Parts MP3)

Become The Light of Truth-Japanese English mixed-1
Become The Light of Truth-Japanese English mixed-2

Shinjitsu_to_yuu_Become The Light of Truth_EJC -3
Shinjitsu_to_yuu_Become The Light of Truth_eng
Shinjitsu_to_yuu_Become The Light of Truth (Accompaniment MP3)

Thank You Father Shinjo (Accompaniment MP3)

General Happy Birthday Karaoke Accompaniment (simple piano version):

Music Scores of Shinnyo-en English Songs-26 pages (listed below)

  • Blossoms of Gratitude
  • Hue of Shojuin-sama’s Heart
  • Flower Offering (2001)
  • San Kie Mon
  • The Phoenix of Salvation
  • Okotarazu (sonouta)
  • Moving Forward
  • When You’re Smiling (USHT Opening)

Shojushin’in-sama – Accompaniment

Shojushin’in-sama – Score (Romaji)

Goreiju – Accompaniment (Interfaith short version)

Goreiju – Accompaniment (Interfaith full version, with harmonica intro)

Goreiju – Accompaniment All Parts (Interfaith version)

San Kie Mon – Accompaniment (Interfaith version)

Flower Offering – Band Accompaniment (dn5 – 1 choruses 1:58)

Flower Offering – Band Accompaniment (dn5 – 2 choruses 3:35)

Flower Offering – Band Accompaniment (Original)

Flower Offering – Accompaniment (Down 15%)

Flower Offering – Rehearsal (Down 15%)

Flower Offering – Soprano

Flower Offering – Alto

Flower Offering – Accompaniment (updated 08/27/2014)

Flower Offering (2001) – Lyrics

Flowers_Will_Bloom_Rehearsal_(Down 5%)








hana_wa_saku-花は咲く_lyrics (PDF no score)

Hana wa Saku Flowers Will Bloom NHK Score and Lyrics

Sakura – Accompaniment

Kagome – All Parts

Kagome – Alto Only

Don’t Worry – Be Happy – Accompaniment (2 minute version)


Okotarazu _english_20130720





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