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Momoiro Clover Z – Nippon Banzai Lyrics (translated to English)

(because it didn’t exist elsewhere… and I’m not a native speaker, and it is lyrics, so it’s not exact, nor perfectly translated.. so here goes!  Momoiro mononofu!)

Original nihongo lyrics here – ももクロのニッポン万歳! (日本万歳/歌詞) Romajii lyrics – see the About section on the below YouTube video (or the end of this post).

[“Hyoito”: phonetically like a bubble sound pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, or howling, or barking…] Japan!
<bubbles> Japan adventure!
Momoiro Clover Jet!

I’ll go to Japan!
<bubbles> Kyushu!
<pop> Fukuoka Mentaiko (salted fish roe)
Saga-ken steak! Miyazaki steak!
Nagasaki steak! Kagoshima pork (chop)
Heavenly chicken in Kumamoto! Horse sashimi!!
You’re always eating, Bakka-chan (dummy)! Hehhehehehe.

<bubbles> Okinawa!
<bubbles> Haisai (Hello in Okinawan) Mensore (Welcome in Okinawan)
Aiya! Aiya! Iyasassa! Iyasassa! (well known Okinawan song)
Bitter melon! Bitter melon! Pineapples! Pineapples!
Why not come?!

<bubbles> Shikoku!
<pop> Look a Tokushima temple!
We don’t have time to dance here!
Kochi bonito (fish)! Ehime oranges!
Kagawa Univ. Temple here at last!

We’ll fly all over Japan
And see everyone’s smiles!
The Mount Fuji views!
(Fly! Fly! Fly!)
Flying on the wings of a dream
That arrives while you sleep
(We come directly to your city!)
Momoiro Clover Jet!

<bubbles> Chugoku
<pop> Chugoku-chiho
Tottori sand dunes, sand dunes
Okayama kibi-dango (millet dumplings)
Yamaguchi fugu, fugu (puffer fish)
Shimane mane shimane manemura (said like a tongue-twister – Shimane/Shimane village)
Hiroshima!? Momiji manju! (maple-leaf shaped cake)

<pop> Kansai bound for us!
Hyogo! Akashiyaki (dumpling) really tasty!
Osaka! Takoyaki (octopus pastry balls) baked right up!
Shiga! Lake Biwa yikes It’s so big!
Kyoto! A nice Yatsuhashi (a sweet dumpling)!
Wakayama! Tasty ramen (noodles)!
NARA! What can I eat? Shikasenbei (cracker snacks)!
Better not eat too much?
Powder (paint) is Kansai’s pride!

<bubbles> Hokkaido!
<pop> Suddenly big-kaido!
Salmon, Tomorokoshi (grilled corn), Milk, Ikura (salmon roe),
Genghis Khan (mongolian BBQ)
Here is heaven!

Wanna fly all around Japan!
Let’s go to see everyones smiles!
The jet’s really great!!
(Fly! Fly! Fly!)
Flying on the wings of a dream
Drinking juice from boxes with a Z
(The toilets are really clean!)
Momoiro Clover Jet!

<bubbles> Chubu!
Momota Kanako’s (red) place of birth
We ski at…
We live in the..
Gifu Prefecture!
Used to play in…
Aichi, Japan!
Oh! What about Kinki?
Mie (prefecture)!
Delicious grapes from
Yamanashi (prefecture)!
And born and raised in Shizuoka (prefecture)!

<bubbles> Hokuriku!
<pop> Kaga-Hyaku-Man-Goku (old name for Kaga 1 million dollar city), Ishikawa (prefecture)!
Toyama medicine! Niigata rice!
Fukui? Fukushima? Las Vegas?

<bubbles> Kanto!
Tokyo headquarters.
Kanagawa where I was born
Saitama where my cousins live
Chiba where I used to play
Ibaraki for the baths
Tochigi.. Gunma…
Yeah! A-Rin ♥

<bubbles> Tohoku!
Do your best/Cheers Tohoku! (referring to recent disasters)
Fukushima peaches, I really love!
Yamagata cherries, I really love!
Miyagi beef tongue, I really love!
Akita Komachi (rice), I really love!
Aomori apples and Teppan (yaki – grilled dining)!
Iwate fish, I really love!
Please don’t give up!
Keep hope close to you (your chest area)!
Wanna fly all around Japan!
Let’s go to see everyones smiles!
The jet’s really fast!!
(Fly! Fly! Fly!)
Flying on the wings of a dream
Eating sweets/snacks (marked with a) Z
(The juice boxes are really great!)
Momoiro Clover Jet!

<bubbles> Japan!
<pop> Japan adventure!
Keen (phonetic)!
<bubbles popping>
Momoiro Clover Jet!

——Romajii version—–

Hyoito hyoito hyohyoito NIPPON
hyoito NIPPON daibouken
momokuro JETTO!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito kyuushuu
hyoito fukuoka mentaiko
saga ken SUTE-KI miyazaki SUTE-KI
nagasaki SUTE-KI kagoshima TONTEKI
ooita toriten kumamoto?… basashi!!
tabete bakka jan! uhehehehe

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito okinawa
hyoito haisai! MENSO-RE!
aiya! aiya! iyasassa-! iyasassa-!
nan kuru nai sa-

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito shikoku
hyoito ohenrou mairi
mazu wa tokushima ryouzenji
awaodori nanka shiteiru hima nai!
kouchi KATSUO! ehime mikan!
saigo wa kagawa no ookuboji!!

nihon zenkoku tobimawarou!
minna no egao ai ni yukou!
fujisan wo nagamero!!
(FLY! FLY!! FLY!!!)
yume no tsubasa de hitottobi!
neteru aida ni tsuichau Z!
“anata no machi made mairima-su”
momoiro KURO-BA- JETTO!!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito chuugoku
hyoito chuugoku chihou
tottori sakkyuu de sakkyu- sakkyu-
okayama kibi-dango-
yamaguchi fuggu- fuggu-
shimane mane shima nemma- nemma-
hiroshima? momiji manjuu!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito kinki
hyoito kansai ikimasse-!!
hyougo! akashiyaki meccha oishi-
oosaka! takoyaki honma saiko-
shiga! biwako muccha dekai
kyouto! yatsuhashi ii dosu naa
wakayama! RA-MEN oishii de-
nara! kuerun? shikasenbei
nanka konamono ookunai?
konamon wa kansai no hokori ya de–!!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito hokkaidou
hyoito ikinari dekkaidou
shake toumorokoshi MIRUKU ikura
…koko wa tengoku!?

nihon zenkoku tobimawarou!
minna no egao ai ni youkou!
JETTO ki wa suggoi JE’!
yume no tsubasa de hitottobi!
JU-SU nonderya tsuichau Z!
“hikouki no TOIRE! juho–wa’!!”
momoiro KURO-BA- JETTO!!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito chuubu
momota kanako no shusshinchi
SUKI- wo shimashita! nagano ken
LIVE mo shimashita! gifu ken
asobi ni itta naa aichi ken
e! kinki da yo ne? mie ken
budou ga oishii yamanashi ken
chabatake ni sodateraremashita’! shizuoka ken

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito hokuriku
kagahyakumangoku ishikawa ken
kusuri wa toyama! okome wa niigata!
fukui? fukushima? RASU BEGASU?

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito kantou
katsudou kyoten yo toukyou to
kanagawa de umareta no
itoko wa saitama na no
chiba ni wa asobi ni iku no
ibaraki de kaisuiyoku☆
gunma tochigi gunma tochigi
u—–n! a-rin!!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito touhoku
ganbare! ganbare! touhoku!
fukushima no momo ga daisuki desu
yamagata sakuranbo daisuki desu
miyagi no gyuuTAN daisuki desu
akita komachi daisuki desu
aomori ringo wa TEPPAN desu
iwate no osakana daisuki desu
douka akiramezu
kibou wo sono mune ni

nihon zenkoku tobimawarou!
minna no egao ai ni yukou!
hikouki wa hayai zo-
(FLY! FLY!! FLY!!!)
yume no tsubasa de hitottobi!
okashi tabetterya tsuichau Z!
“JU-SU okawari ii desu ka-”
momoiro KURO-BA- JETTO!!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito NIPPON
hyoito NIPPON daibouken
momokuro JETTO!


Momoiro Clover [+Z] MomoClo ももいろクローバーZ

A haunting version of Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi Tachi Yo (サラバ、愛しき悲しみたちよ, “Farewell, My Dear Sorrows”) (Music Box version by Orgel Sound):

My own MomoClo YouTube collection:

Like this ever needs an explanation. it’s MomoClo!

My particular favorite tends to be もリフだョ 全員集合(Morifu Dayo! Zenin Shuugou …because to me, it shows off their versatility.)

Why? They’re weird. Cute. Songs steeped in tradition. Able to parody themselves. Dance like P90X done for 2.5 hours straight, in costumes. The backing arrangements are exotic, symphonic and listenable on their own. The lyrics actually mean something (usually.)

Try a read of this wiki article covering just a smattering of this group’s unique traits:

Most uniquely – where else do you find passionate fans overseas in Paris, France able to totally support 5 teenage girls performing a capella due to a power-failure mid-concert? (Orange Note – オレンジノート)

Momoiro Clover [+Z] MomoClo ももいろクローバーZ

Happy! Go! Lucky!

I’ve been thinking lately about where I would place Momoclo’s songs in a ranking, what ones do I love the most, and why.

Some of the inspiration for this comes from the recent news of Momoiro Clover Z being the group chosen to sing the theme song for the new Sailor Moon series in 2013.  Suddenly Momoclo’s videos on youtube were blowing up with english comments, and let’s just say not everyone seems as excited as I am about it…   But even I have to admit that if my first exposure to the group was a rather sloppy live cover of Moonlight Densetsu, I might not have been too happy either!

I don’t expect Momoclo to appeal to everyone, in fact, their strangeness is one of the things I like most, and that very thing may be what drives some away.  But, I’m sure there are some people out there…

View original post 2,755 more words

Standup Comedy Tips from Judy Carter: Do You REALLY Want to Be Famous?

From the comedy Guru – Judy Carter:

Standup Comedy Tips from Judy Carter: Do You REALLY Want to Be Famous?

A female comic recently came to me for a consultation.  She had been working the clubs for a long time; she had great material and a unique persona, but she hadn’t been able to get out of the grind of low paying gigs. She said, “I want to be famous. I want my own TV show. How do I get there?”
I actually knew the answer to that — and not in vague terms either.  I knew EXACTLY what she had to do achieve the kind of fame she wanted, and it would take lot of effort and some cash as well.
I also knew that she would NEVER do what I suggested, even though it would lead to what she wanted, when she remarked, “Wow, that’s a lot of work!”
In my 15 years of working with comics, speakers, and ambitious corporate types, my #1 most frequently asked question has always been “How can I become rich and famous?”  This thought comes up for everyone who has ever picked up an open mic, as well as the stand-up purists who are in it for the “art.”  We seek it and want it, even though we constantly see proof that being famous causes more problems than it solves. But, in the words of my friend, the late comic Lotus Weinstock, “I just want to be rich and famous so I can say ‘Being rich and famous wasn’t IT!’”
(By the way, I know this seems like a setup to sell you a miraculous product that will give you the fame and fortune you think you want, but there’s nothing for sale in this blog.  Sorry. J)
I hear so many people say, “I would LOVE to write a book, get on TV, get paid to speak, and make a living being funny. Tell me Judy, how did YOU get to do these things?”
Answer:  With a lot hard, boring work that most normal people would prefer to avoid.
So, you want to write a book? Really? You REALLY want to spend nine hours a day writing? You really want to give up a year of your life, not going to parties and having fun because you have to sit on your ass ALL day trying to figure out how to string a sentence together so it doesn’t sound like a complete moron wrote it.
You want your own TV show? Really? Are you willing to thoroughly research the commercial viability of your idea and then spend every dime of your hard earned money shooting and editing a sizzle reel instead of buying that new 52” HD TV you’ve been eyeing?
When interviewing the comics in my book The Comedy Bible, all the successful performers, comics, and speakers viewed their careers as real businesses, complete with R&D (Research and Development) and calculations of ROI (Return On Investment).  Some even use project management software to track their progress and keep them on task.  If your business goal is to become successful in showbiz, then writing material, doing open mics, and networking certainly need to be PART of your business plan, but it’s not the whole plan itself.
You can have the fame you want – IF you are willing to do the work and pay the price. Not everyone can.
Do you have what it takes to achieve fame and fortune? Take The Fame Test and find out.
Do you have what it takes to obtain fame and fortune?
Rate your ability to fully commit to the below on a scale of 1 to 5 (1=No, don’t give a sh*t; 5=Yes, I’ll do anything and everything!)
  1. Are you willing to work on your creative project for 8 hours a day for an entire year with no financial results?
  2. Are you willing, at your own expense, to create top quality videos, press releases, and sizzle reels that show off you or your product in a professional and impressive way?
  3. Are you willing to do the massive research required on how to achieve your goals? Who is similar to you? What was their career path? What did they do that worked, and what didn’t work? You might find exciting and enlightening tips on things you can add to your own business plan.
  4. Are you constantly creating new material? If you get famous and just have 1-hour and nothing else, you might get an HBO special, win Last Comic Standing, play a few clubs, and… then never be heard from again. All that work to make $100,000 only to have it end leaves many comics shell shocked from lack of planning.
  5. Are you willing to spend time and money developing and growing your online presence through social networking?  At minimum, you must work the mainstream social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to the max. Here is a link to wiki’s list of global social networking sites.
  6. Are you willing to drop the fantasy that “Someday my Prince/agent will come with my big meeting”? You have to be the one to manage your career and know what’s going on in your industry and who you should be talking to. Do you know the names of the major behind-the-scenes players in your field?
  7. Are you willing to open up your career to different audiences? For instance, if you study how many female comics became successful you’ll find that most of them got their start by performing for gay male audiences.  Who were the early fans of the performer you most identify with?


Add up your points:
33+ : You’re On Your Way.
32-28: Half-Assed — Sh*T Or Get Off The Pot
Below 28: Only In Your Dreams.

Flash Theatre LA – 1.12 Romeo & Juliet ^3

Flash Theatre LA – 1.12 Romeo & Juliet ^3

FlashTheater 1.12: Romeo & Juliet ^3
by Annette Lee
directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera
music director Antoine Reynaldo Diel
choreography by Giovanni Jose
Flash Theater L.A.
— with Janet Song, Julia Cho, JoAnn Paolantonio, Ivan Davila and James Lui at Sunset Triangle Plaza.

A Bunch of Acting/Improv/Drama Warm-ups From a Brit across the Pond

From Andy Kempe’s, “The National Drama Secondary Drama Teachers’ Handbook: 2nd Edition, National Drama, London 2001”
Alphabeti cannelloni
Standing on chairs or benches the class arrange themselves alphabetically by squeezing past each other. The game must be played in silence.
And then…
In pairs, one person starts to tell a story but breaks off with the words ‘And then…’ The partner carries on the story but again stops after a few sentences with ‘And then…’
Stand in a circle. Point James Bond style at another player and say ‘Bang’. That players crouches down and the ones either side face each other and repeatedly say ‘Bang’. The first one to run out of breath is out. The winner then ‘Bangs’ someone else in the circle.
Bing Bong
In a circle. Pass an object around clockwise saying,‘This is a Bing.’
The receiver says ‘ A what? ’
and the leader says ‘ A Bing.’
That player then passes it onsaying ‘ This is a Bing’.
The player they pass it to says ‘ A what? ’
And they must turn to the leader and say ‘ A what? ’
The answer ‘A Bing’ is then passed on.
The game is complicated when a different object, called ‘A Bong’ is passed anti-clockwise.
Blood potato
The group walk around the room with their eyes shut. When they bump into another person they say ’Potato’ and get the reply ‘Potato’. The teacher will have tapped one player on the head. They are the
‘Blood Potato’. When players bump into someone and say ‘Potato’ but get the reply ‘Blood Potato’ they scream and then move to the side to watch the others playing.
Boom chicka boom
This is a simple call and response exercise which can be developed into something as complex as you please! Standing in a circle, the leader calls ‘I said a boom chicka boom’ and the class repeat this. The leader says the line again and the class repeats it. Then the leader says ‘I said a boom chicka chicka chicka chicka chicka boom’ and the class repeat it. And so it goes on…
Budgies, Bull and Bananas
The leader points to a person in a circle and says ‘Budgie’. That person becomes a budgie and the players on either side represent a mirror and a bell.The leader adds in more options such as Bat, Bull, Banana, Baboon, Beggar. For each one, the player pointed at represents the object and the players either side complement the image.
Chairee Ho!
Individuals work with a chair. Each time the teacherclaps her hands they must use the chair in a new way. Initially they signal different types of chair then move on to using the chair to represent different sorts of objects. The game is all about using mime and register to signal clearly. It can be extended into paired improvisations with the first player saying and doing something that will clearly signal to the partner what sort of chair it is.
Chatting through the A – Z
In pairs, players improvise a conversation but the first word of each new line of dialogue must work through the alphabet.
In a circle, players try to count from 1 – 20. If two players speak at once they go back and start the count again.
The leader stands in the middle of a circle and moves slowly towards a ‘victim’ who must make eye contact with someone else. That player says the victim’s name. They then become Dracula’s victim.If Dracula reaches them before they have got some-one to say their name they must become Dracula.
Fee Fi Fo
This is a call and response vocal warm up. The lines are as follows:
Fee fi
Fee fi fo
Cwm a la cwm a la cwm a la vista
Oh oh oh oh ah la vista
Eeny meeny decka meeny do what you wanna meeny
Zip diddely doo dah do do dha da dah
Fruit bowl
Players are seated in a circle and names ‘Apple,Banana, Pear’. One player stands in the middle and calls ‘Apple’. All the apples change seats. The player in the middle tries to get to one first, leaving another caller in the middle. If they call ‘Fruitbowl’ everyone must move.
Funky Chicken
Players shake their left hand vigourously counting up to ten. Then they shake their right hand, left foot and right foot, each time counting to ten. Repeat this counting up to eight, then six, then four, then two and finally one after which they all turn into chickens and call out ‘Funky chicken!’
Gatwick Airport
Players sit in a circle facing outwards. One chair is left empty. A volunteer tourist tries to get to the chair but the other passengers keep moving round the circle of chairs trying to stop them.
Get knotted
Stand in a circle with hands linked. The group weave in and out of each other until they are in a tight knot. They mustn’t let go off the hands they are holding, but then try to untie the knot.
Gretna Green
Stand in a circle with hands linked. One couple, with hands linked, move around the outside of the circle. When they tag another couple by touching their linked hands, that couple must leave the circle and race around anti-clockwise trying to get back to their space before the first couple, running clockwise, get there.
Hi Ho
Sit in a circle. Each player has a shoe in front of them. The shoes are passed around the circle to the tune of:
Hi Ho, Hi Ho It’s off to work we go with a shovel and a pick and a walking sticking hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho it’s off to work we go…
Honey I love you!
In a circle one player says to another ‘Honey I love you, but I just can’t smile’. This is passed around the circle. Anyone who smiles is out.
Hot cakes
The teacher calls out a number or holds up a number of fingers. The class must get into groups of thatnumber in silence. The game can be extended so that once in the group they must make a geometric pattern with their bodies but again they must organize this without talking.
Juicy Fruit
In a circle mime passing round a piece of chewing gum. Each player has a chew then passes it on in an imaginative way.
Just a minute please
In pairs, one player talks on a topic for one minute. The listener must then relate what they have heard as exactly as possible to a new partner.
In a circle. One player jumps into the middle and starts miming something. Someone else jumps in and asks ‘What are you doing? ‘ The first player must say that they are doing something different from what they are actually miming. The second player calls ‘Liar!’ but then starts to mime whatever they have been told. A third player jumps in and so on.
Oh yes!
In a circle, one player says the name of someone across the circle who must reply ’Oh yes!’ The first player then starts to walk towards their space while the second player says someone else’s name. The game is to get people moving across the circle as quickly as possible but no-one can move until they have been invited with an ‘Oh yes!’. Try to get lots of variations into how to say ‘Oh yes!’
On the bank
Players crouch down. The teacher demonstrates a simple action to go with the line ‘On the bank’ but tries to catch them out by saying the line and doing the wrong action. Add more lines such as ‘In the trees’, ‘In the pond ‘. The game is all about listening carefully rather than watching and copying.
Phantom Tickler
The group must start with their eyes closed. The teacher taps one player on the head. They open their eyes and the teacher points out a victim to them. They are now the Phantom Tickler. Everyone opens their eyes and starts to move around warily. The Phantom Tickler must stalk the victim, trying to get close up behind them and then tickling them round the middle.
An extension of hot-cakes, groups of varying sizes must use their bodies to represent postcards from major tourist sites around the world.
Pussy want a corner
The group stands in a square, one player in the middle. This player goes up to individuals and says ‘Pussy wants a corner ‘. The answer is always ‘No!’ Other players in the square make eye contact with each other and try to swop places. If pussy gets to a space first they are replaced in the middle.
Safety net
In a circle, one by one players are invited to shut their eyes and walk across the circle. The players in the circle must protect those with their eyes shut and not allow them to bump into each other.
Players stand in a tight circle. One volunteer stands on the outside but tries to break into the middle ofthe circle by whatever means they can dream up.
Tag impro
Two players start an impro. in the middle of a circle.Another player can call ‘Freeze’ at any point. They then replace one of the first players by adopting their position exactly but re-starting the impro. Signalling a completely different scenario.
Where is Maria?
The teacher says ‘Where is Maria? ‘, the class answer ‘I don’t know.’ The teacher says ‘I don’t know’, the class says ‘Where is Maria? ‘
Teacher says ‘Um pa’, the class says ‘Yatatata’ and reverse.
Teacher says ‘Yes’, class say ‘No’ and so on. They have to listen carefully.
Who’s got the clap?
In a circle, the leader claps hands. The player on the left claps hands and so on round the circle. Now try it with your eyes shut or make it more complex by passing a number of claps round simultaneously in different directions.
Wink murder
In a circle, players have their eyes shut while the teacher nominates a murderer. One player then stands in the middle and tries to catch the murderer who is killing people by winking at them.
Zoof, Ho, Zap (Woosh, Bong, Hyperspace, Interstate)
In a circle, the leader passes round a mimed ball. As it is passed on, the players call ‘Zoof ‘. A player may block the pass and send it back by saying ‘Ho’ or pass it across the circle by pointing and calling ‘Zap’. Add as many new moves as you please

We’re Back…

We’re Back….

Geeks! The Musical! Returns – June 15th through July 8th 7:30p @ Write Act Rep

Geeks! The Musical! Redux playing at the Write Act Repertory Theatre in Hollywood, June 15th through July 8th, 2012 –  Friday, Saturday and Sundays at 7:30 p.m. Tickets available at and Group rates (6+) available.  Be Square, Be There!  Join Geeks! The Musical! Now! at  or voice us your reservations at (323) 469-3113 – Write Act Repertory Theatre, 6125 Carlos Ave, Hollywood CA 90028

Geeks! The Musical! Returns! Podcast

Geeks! The Musical! Returns! Podcast (the Holst Mix)

All characters portayed are fictional even though you see them daily at The Con. Fantasy and sci-fi physics still do not work, though a lot of fun to try. Use of Time-turners will void your admission ticket. Repeated exposure to Geeks! will result in rapid exhalations accompanied by sounds similar to repeatedly saying Hah! See our website for the latest character hit point levels and spell casting required.

Detour Improv Theme Song

Detour Improv Comedy Show Theme 2012

Because…when you’re sitting in the audience waiting for a show to begin, you like a little jingle to make your merry mind start hummin’!

Geeks! The Musical! – Dr. Who (Rap Version)

Inspired by Geeks! The Musical by Thomas J. Misuraca, three of the Original Cast members, Tyler Koster, Steven Alloway and James Lui present our beatbox interpretation of one of the fine musical numbers, Dr. Who for all the fans of the show. More show and cast information available at

Amazing Geeks! (The Musical!) The Workout! – Featuring the Original Cast

Geeks! The Musical! written by Thomas J. Misuraca has finished it’s record-breaking World Premier run – that 8 of 9 sold-out shows! This is a parody aerobics exercise video the cast dreamed up during those long rehearsals for what will become a legendary fictional depiction of life and times of the days of the epic Comic-Con conventions! Fantasy, anime, Sci-Fi, comic lovers and CosPlay unites under the performances of an incredibly talented cast and original musical score by Ruth Judkowitz, who inspired this Disco remix version of her Finale composition. Big Thanks! go to Laura De Lano for providing the aerobics leadership and choreography adaption in this video.

Visit for more information and ticket availability.

Geeks! The Musical! Workout! [Preview Teaser]

A Preview of Geeks! The Workout! based loosely upon Geeks! The Musical! written by Thomas J. Misuraca and now in its 2nd record-breaking week. This is a parody aerobics exercise video the cast dreamed up during those long rehearsals for what will become a legendary fictional depiction of life and times of the days of the epic Comic-Con conventions! Fantasy, anime, Sci-Fi, comic lovers and CosPlay unites under the performances of an incredibly talented cast and original musical score by Ruth Judkowitz. Original choreography by Liz Heathcoat. Your featured aerobics instructor/choreographer for this silliness is Laura De Lano

Visit for more information and get your tickets through any of the following venues:

Or cash at the door by RSVP to 323-469-3113