COVID california [mv]

COVID California (c) 26-JUL-2020
Lyrics/Guitars: James Lui
Backing Track: By Bojo of
Bass, Drum, Rhythm Gtr, Keys
LED Lighting by FretZealot
All rights reserved.

Westbound on the 15
Leaving Vegas behind
Plexiglas on the tables
Buffets politely declined
Up ahead in the distance
An agricultural stop
But instead of looking for fruits
Thermographic cameras pop

Checking out at TJ’s
Got my cauliflower rice
Karen comes in screaming
No masks, freedom and vice
Seems like peace and quiet
Are so far away
Yet only six months have passed
Since I heard them say

Welcome to our COVID California
Such a lovely place,
A chaotic space
Masking it up in our COVID California
Any time of year,
You’re not welcome here

Facebook’s full of bullies
Twitter’s gone insane
Newsom’s got himself a recall
Garcetti’s in his own lane
Health officials calling it quits
They can’t stand the heat
Hoping for some better stats
But Rona’s got us beat

Keeping socially distanced
Working from home all the time
Try to vacation out of the State
Find a 2 week mountain to climb
The health commissioners
All showed us the way
We ignored all the warning signs
Just to hear them say

Welcome to post COVID California
Such a lovely place,
An infected trace
Masking it up in post COVID California
Any time of year,
we’re infectious here

Silicon Valley’s tripping
Last year was so nice
“We are all just prisoners here
Of our own device”
Bears, coyotes and cougars
Have replaced the police
Nature’s just taking back it’s land
And we’re just here on lease

Is there a new vaccine
Can there be a cure
Acoording to the internet
You can never be sure
Here in the Golden State
You get what you receive
You can check out any time you like
But you can never leave”


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