#C16LV Collaborate 2016 Networking Opportunity Events


Where I can keep track of the special events (note: these are not “parties” as so many people are misled to believe) at Collaborate (April 10-14, 2016 – Las Vegas, Nevada). To attend one of these events:

  1. You’re registered as an Collaborate Attendee.
  2. You’re either a prospect, customer, or goodwill contact for the host.
  3. You visit the host’s booth at Collaborate in order to pick up whatever is required for entry.
  4. Do not just show up at the event and attempt to “crash” it – just spend your time at a regular #C16LV reception the same evening and you’ll still get plenty of party time.

To be confirmed (replicated from last years’ schedule):

+IOUG Volunteer Reception, Sat 8-9:30p, Tacos & Tequila (Luxor Mezz)
+Kaygen CA, Tue 7-9p, Veranda Italian (4Seasons)
#NightSliders, Tue 9-12p, Suite 30-001 (MB – Tweet Req’d)
+Hyperion Connect Reception, Tue 7-8:30p, North CC, Islander C
+OAUG Young Professionals Cocktail MeetUp, Wed 6:30-7:30p, North CC, Islander C
+#C16LV Young & New Professionals Dine-Around (non-hosted), Tue, 7p, Meet at Main Entrance of Exh Shwcse
+Data Intensity CA, Tue 7-9p, Eyecandy Lounge
VIP, Tue 7-10p, Franklin Lounge (Delano Tower MB)
+Mercury Technology
CA, Tue 7-9:30p, Border Grill (MB)
Members Welcome, Sun 6:30-8p, MB Ballroom Lvl2 I,J (JD Edwards)/L (Peoplesoft)
+Oracle Data Mgt Lunch (KPIT Sponsored), Mon 12-1:30p, Slice of Vegas (MP Shoppes)
CA, Mon 7:30-9:30p, Strip Steak (MB)



My sessions for this year:



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