Oracle OpenWorld 2014 Networking Opportunity Events #OOW14 I can keep track of the special events (note: these are not “parties” as so many people are misled to believe) at OOW.  To attend one of these events:

  1. You’re registered as an OpenWorld Attendee.
  2. You’re either a prospect, customer, or goodwill contact for the host. That means you actually contact the host and ask to attend before OOW.
  3. You visit the host’s booth at OpenWorld in order to pick up whatever is required for entry and get to know what the host actually does.
  4. Do not just show up at the event and attempt to “crash” it – just spend your time at a regular OOW reception the same evening and you’ll still get plenty of party time.

Visit all those vendors and make them feel welcomed this year!

The 2013 List of OOW Events

The 2012 List of OOW Events

And OakTable World is back again, at the Creativity Museum (this year, no pre-registration required).


Agenda for Oaktable World 2014, located at Creativity Museum, is

 time Monday Sept 29 Tuesday Sept 30
8 (8:30 am) Mogens: welcome Carlos Sierra: introducing edb360 tool
9 Riyaj Shamsudeen: in-memory internals Kent Graziano: Worst Practices in DW Design
10 Chris Antognini: Indexes: Structure, Splits and Free Space Management Internals Tanel Poder: Hacking Oracle 12c
11 Martin Bach: A deep dive into HCC internals and mechanics Jeremiah Wilton: Oracle on EC2: You’re doing it wrong
12 ted talks ted talks
1 Jonathan Lewis:Calculating Selectivity Connor McDonald: clone db
2 Greg Rahn: The Current State of SQL + Hadoop Frits Hoogland: Profiling the logwriter and database writer (with version update)
3 Kevin Closson:SLOB – For More Than I/O! Alex Gorbachev:  Anomaly detection on performance data
4 Toon: Why DBMS’s Still Lack SQL Assertions Support (A polite excuse) Karl Arao: Capacity Planning: SLAs, KPIs, Headroom, Expiry Date

Ted Talks between noon and 1pm

 Monday  Tuesday
Eric Grancher: using ASH to understand IO issues Jonah Harris: network protocal hacking making Oracle talk with MySQL
Jonathan Lewis: Breaking Exadata Jonathan Lewis:Parallel Execution Plans
Jonathan Gennick: Seven Secrets in Publishing Kent Graziano: Data Vault 2.0: using MD5 hash for change detection
Cary Millsap – The most important “trick” of performance instrumentation Alex Gorbachev: DevOps

Kerry Osborne: How to Hire World Class Oracle Dudes and Dudettes


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