Upgrade R12.2 to R12.2.3

Quite useful to uncover some of the nuances of the new upgrade procedures.

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In this post i will list out the steps for upgrading R12.2 to R12.2.3


If you are freshly installing R12.2. and downloading the stage from edelivery then you will get stardCD version, also  i would suggest you all to download startCD version it includes lot of updates which will be helpful in reducing the R12.2.3 upgrade time. startCD version is a patch with #17445880.

So when you are downloading the Media R12.2 Software,  you will get stardCD  from edelivery. In your downloads include new startdCD version patch #17445880


Once you build the stage using buildstage.sh we need to update the Start Here DVD, uncompress the patch in the main staging area to overwrite the startCD directory.

unzip -o p17445880_R12_GENERIC.zip let the existing get overwritten by startCD patch

Now you must run the buildStage.sh script and select option 2. Copy new patches to current stage area…

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