Smoking – Lox and Hot Smoked Salmon

Applewood Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon (L-Hot, R-Cold) 45mins @ 150F

1 – 20oz. Atlantic Salmon filet from CostCo.

24 hrs. marinated in 4 oz. shio koji

24 hrs. air-dried in refrigerator – used cheesecloth to keep it from sticking.

Divided filet in 1/2; both directly placed on wire racks (did not stick due to sufficient oil from the salmon.)

Applewood (about 1 cup, dry chips) smoked for 45 minutes at 150F. Hot smoked version lost about 20% moisture and residual oil – similar to seared Ahi texture. Cold smoked version using top-box method (take any clean cardboard box that fits; place the salmon on a raised wire rack inside the box; cut a hole near a side and/or corner about 1-inch square to fit the smoke vent on the primary smoke box; excess smoke will exit from the top of the box (just interleave the flaps)). Preferably keep the box out of direct sunlight and try to do the smoking either at night when cool, or early morning to keep the temperature inside the box below 90F (similar temperature will work for smoking cheeses without melting them.)

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