Change VARCHAR2 to 32K – 12c Edition

Oracle has made a few changes to the database to allow organizations to reduce the cost of migrating to Oracle 12c.  One of these changes is with the size limits that have been placed on the VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2 and RAW data types.  In past versions of Oracle database the maximum size for these data types were 4,000 bytes.  In Oracle 12c, these data types can now  be increased to 32,767 bytes.

In order to set these data types to use the larger setting, the MAX_STRING_SIZE parameter needs to be set.  The only values that this parameter can take is STANDARD and EXTENDED.  Once the parameter has been set to EXTENDED, you cannot go back to STANDARD.

Note: Altering MAX_STRING_SIZE will update database objects and possibly invalidate them

To increase the size of the VARCHAR2, NVARCHAR2 and RAW columns for a non-CDB database,  these steps need to be followed: 


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It is official …… Here comes Oracle Database 12c

I call this a “soft” launch… you have to dig a bit to find the details:

Well, it is official…..Oracle Database 12c ( has been released and can be found on OTN.





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Momoiro Clover Z – Kasou (Virtual) Dystopia Lyrics (translated to English)

Defintion: A dystopia is a community or society, usually fictional, that is in some important way undesirable or frightening. It is the opposite of a utopia.

ももいろクローバーZ – 仮想ディストピア(歌詞) Romajii and Kana versions here:

Our star is broken
Who would do such a thing?
I hate when people do that
I don’t want to live in Dystopia.

Someone was shouting lies into the wind
I’m done with that kind of mythical mindset

Dreaming, Dreaming (phonetic)
Life’s driving force flows from the source
I’m here all by myself
All the dots become lines on a map

I made a machine from the patterns
Traveling straight to your heart
Desire is a great power source for equipment
Even far away you can always be a friend

Shining, shining directly to where you are
(Like a telepathic GPS)
Engines powered by my singing will take me
(I’m sure we’ll be together)

Shed away all pain or discomfort
Instinct is more honest than calculations

Rescue, rescue sirens rang
So happy to be rescued!

If I were all alone, I never
Would have attempted this fearing injury (a cut too deep)

Glittering with falling drops of sweat
Who lives through the tough desert knows freedom
From the bottom of the desert I stooped and picked up
A ring from someone long ago I forever vowed to love

Shining, shining the Church of the Soul
(You want to know what kind of people?)
Only those who believe forever
(I want to be with you jumping over the border)

One by one, precious heart
You won’t fail even if you go deep

One, one deep down hope
Leading further down to where the
Oasis lies

Shining, shining directly to where you are
(Like a telepathic GPS)
Engines powered by my singing will take me
(I’m sure we’ll be together)
Never give up on something you believe in.

Our star was born again!