Momoiro Clover Z – Ame no Tachikara O Ly

Momoiro Clover Z – Ame no Tachikara O Lyrics (translated to English)

Momoiro Clover Z – Ame no Tachikara O Lyrics (天手力男 translated to English)

[This is a very powerful song.  Actually turns to be very compatible with the Fudo-myo (Achala) based beliefs of Shinnyo-en (unexpectedly)]

Forward: The spirit of Ame-no-Tachikara-O no kami (God of Strong Arms)

Ame-no-Tachikara-O (God of Strong Arms) image
Ame-no-Tachikara-O (God of Strong Arms)

comes from the story of Amaterasu (a famous mythological story about the Sun Goddess/Amaterasu-O-Mikami, and how Ame-no-Tachikara-O was able to bring her back from her sequestered cave (pulling her with his strength) which represents essentially how the Sun rises each morning.) So, Ame-no-Tachikara-O represents our inner will to persevere and have strength in times of struggle (or even darkness and depression).

Romajii lyrics here:ももいろクローバーZ  – 天手力男 (意外と簡単 – 歌詞) –

It’s easy (surprisingly).

Even Chi-Chi (Dragon Ball Z reference) made it okay
Getting clear from confusion
Only by chance did I learn this
A tailwind behind you makes it easy

Whether spears (the pointy kind) or rain falls
Motivate (yourself), motivate! Go forward to win!
While I look peaceful on the outside
Inside is all powerful!

Ame-no-Tachikara-O: “You are your own worst enemy.”
Ame-no-Tachikara-O: “Look beyond yourself towards heaven.”

Don’t look to the backside of the map
That’s where the (rest of) the dumb (stupid) world lives.
What do you do if you don’t cry?
Boo-hoo, boo-hoo, boo-hoo, Little Cuckoo (bird)

Crying tears myself, afraid if I stopped.
The next morning even more thirsty than before,
With an empty gas tank, I was finally motivated.
Now that I’m going, the (fuel gauge) is full.
I hide my cowardness,
And simply be brave.

Hot, hot, hot, HOT! We feel!
Let’s become a RED fighting sprit
That can do anything!
“Step, by step, by step, one more step!” I cried!
Don’t stop! Keep going on!
Yes! We’ll keep the fire burning!

Ame-no-Tachikara-O: You are your own worst enemy.
Ame-no-Tachikara-O: Look beyond yourself towards heaven.
Towards heaven!

It’s hard to be so simple.
But anything becomes complicated if you think too much (about it).
I don’t know what comes second, Mama.
Before getting rid of important things,
Do not miss the opportunity right in front of you
Chasing, chasing… I fell down.
I could have been hurt, but I wasn’t.
No need to hold back anymore, I’ll lead!

(Get(it), Get(it), Get(it), Get(it), Get(it), Get(it)…)

I thought I lost parts of my shoes
Turns out it was only mud (falling off)
With sweating, and blurring tears
(I) hold my fists tight
Is the path I chose, correct?
What if it’s wrong?
Even I became nervous at the thought.

Hotly, hotly, hotly, hotly blazing souls!
Don’t worry about raising the temperature of the Earth!
One by one, piled up: one, two three.
Let’s believe you are your own answer!
Yes! We become greater as we burn (together)!

Hot, hot, hot, HOT! We feel!
Let’s become a RED fighting sprit that can do anything!
“Step, by step, by step, one more step!” I cry!
Don’t stop! Keep going on!
Yes! We’ll keep the fire burning!

Ame-no-Tachikara-O: You are your own worst enemy.
Ame-no-Tachikara-O: Look beyond yourself towards heaven.

It’s easy (surprisingly).
It’s easy (surprisingly).
It’s easy (surprisingly).
It’s easy (surprisingly).


Momoiro Clover Z – Nippon Banzai Lyrics (translated to English)

(because it didn’t exist elsewhere… and I’m not a native speaker, and it is lyrics, so it’s not exact, nor perfectly translated.. so here goes!  Momoiro mononofu!)

Original nihongo lyrics here – ももクロのニッポン万歳! (日本万歳/歌詞) Romajii lyrics – see the About section on the below YouTube video (or the end of this post).

[“Hyoito”: phonetically like a bubble sound pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, or howling, or barking…] Japan!
<bubbles> Japan adventure!
Momoiro Clover Jet!

I’ll go to Japan!
<bubbles> Kyushu!
<pop> Fukuoka Mentaiko (salted fish roe)
Saga-ken steak! Miyazaki steak!
Nagasaki steak! Kagoshima pork (chop)
Heavenly chicken in Kumamoto! Horse sashimi!!
You’re always eating, Bakka-chan (dummy)! Hehhehehehe.

<bubbles> Okinawa!
<bubbles> Haisai (Hello in Okinawan) Mensore (Welcome in Okinawan)
Aiya! Aiya! Iyasassa! Iyasassa! (well known Okinawan song)
Bitter melon! Bitter melon! Pineapples! Pineapples!
Why not come?!

<bubbles> Shikoku!
<pop> Look a Tokushima temple!
We don’t have time to dance here!
Kochi bonito (fish)! Ehime oranges!
Kagawa Univ. Temple here at last!

We’ll fly all over Japan
And see everyone’s smiles!
The Mount Fuji views!
(Fly! Fly! Fly!)
Flying on the wings of a dream
That arrives while you sleep
(We come directly to your city!)
Momoiro Clover Jet!

<bubbles> Chugoku
<pop> Chugoku-chiho
Tottori sand dunes, sand dunes
Okayama kibi-dango (millet dumplings)
Yamaguchi fugu, fugu (puffer fish)
Shimane mane shimane manemura (said like a tongue-twister – Shimane/Shimane village)
Hiroshima!? Momiji manju! (maple-leaf shaped cake)

<pop> Kansai bound for us!
Hyogo! Akashiyaki (dumpling) really tasty!
Osaka! Takoyaki (octopus pastry balls) baked right up!
Shiga! Lake Biwa yikes It’s so big!
Kyoto! A nice Yatsuhashi (a sweet dumpling)!
Wakayama! Tasty ramen (noodles)!
NARA! What can I eat? Shikasenbei (cracker snacks)!
Better not eat too much?
Powder (paint) is Kansai’s pride!

<bubbles> Hokkaido!
<pop> Suddenly big-kaido!
Salmon, Tomorokoshi (grilled corn), Milk, Ikura (salmon roe),
Genghis Khan (mongolian BBQ)
Here is heaven!

Wanna fly all around Japan!
Let’s go to see everyones smiles!
The jet’s really great!!
(Fly! Fly! Fly!)
Flying on the wings of a dream
Drinking juice from boxes with a Z
(The toilets are really clean!)
Momoiro Clover Jet!

<bubbles> Chubu!
Momota Kanako’s (red) place of birth
We ski at…
We live in the..
Gifu Prefecture!
Used to play in…
Aichi, Japan!
Oh! What about Kinki?
Mie (prefecture)!
Delicious grapes from
Yamanashi (prefecture)!
And born and raised in Shizuoka (prefecture)!

<bubbles> Hokuriku!
<pop> Kaga-Hyaku-Man-Goku (old name for Kaga 1 million dollar city), Ishikawa (prefecture)!
Toyama medicine! Niigata rice!
Fukui? Fukushima? Las Vegas?

<bubbles> Kanto!
Tokyo headquarters.
Kanagawa where I was born
Saitama where my cousins live
Chiba where I used to play
Ibaraki for the baths
Tochigi.. Gunma…
Yeah! A-Rin ♥

<bubbles> Tohoku!
Do your best/Cheers Tohoku! (referring to recent disasters)
Fukushima peaches, I really love!
Yamagata cherries, I really love!
Miyagi beef tongue, I really love!
Akita Komachi (rice), I really love!
Aomori apples and Teppan (yaki – grilled dining)!
Iwate fish, I really love!
Please don’t give up!
Keep hope close to you (your chest area)!
Wanna fly all around Japan!
Let’s go to see everyones smiles!
The jet’s really fast!!
(Fly! Fly! Fly!)
Flying on the wings of a dream
Eating sweets/snacks (marked with a) Z
(The juice boxes are really great!)
Momoiro Clover Jet!

<bubbles> Japan!
<pop> Japan adventure!
Keen (phonetic)!
<bubbles popping>
Momoiro Clover Jet!

——Romajii version—–

Hyoito hyoito hyohyoito NIPPON
hyoito NIPPON daibouken
momokuro JETTO!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito kyuushuu
hyoito fukuoka mentaiko
saga ken SUTE-KI miyazaki SUTE-KI
nagasaki SUTE-KI kagoshima TONTEKI
ooita toriten kumamoto?… basashi!!
tabete bakka jan! uhehehehe

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito okinawa
hyoito haisai! MENSO-RE!
aiya! aiya! iyasassa-! iyasassa-!
nan kuru nai sa-

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito shikoku
hyoito ohenrou mairi
mazu wa tokushima ryouzenji
awaodori nanka shiteiru hima nai!
kouchi KATSUO! ehime mikan!
saigo wa kagawa no ookuboji!!

nihon zenkoku tobimawarou!
minna no egao ai ni yukou!
fujisan wo nagamero!!
(FLY! FLY!! FLY!!!)
yume no tsubasa de hitottobi!
neteru aida ni tsuichau Z!
“anata no machi made mairima-su”
momoiro KURO-BA- JETTO!!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito chuugoku
hyoito chuugoku chihou
tottori sakkyuu de sakkyu- sakkyu-
okayama kibi-dango-
yamaguchi fuggu- fuggu-
shimane mane shima nemma- nemma-
hiroshima? momiji manjuu!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito kinki
hyoito kansai ikimasse-!!
hyougo! akashiyaki meccha oishi-
oosaka! takoyaki honma saiko-
shiga! biwako muccha dekai
kyouto! yatsuhashi ii dosu naa
wakayama! RA-MEN oishii de-
nara! kuerun? shikasenbei
nanka konamono ookunai?
konamon wa kansai no hokori ya de–!!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito hokkaidou
hyoito ikinari dekkaidou
shake toumorokoshi MIRUKU ikura
…koko wa tengoku!?

nihon zenkoku tobimawarou!
minna no egao ai ni youkou!
JETTO ki wa suggoi JE’!
yume no tsubasa de hitottobi!
JU-SU nonderya tsuichau Z!
“hikouki no TOIRE! juho–wa’!!”
momoiro KURO-BA- JETTO!!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito chuubu
momota kanako no shusshinchi
SUKI- wo shimashita! nagano ken
LIVE mo shimashita! gifu ken
asobi ni itta naa aichi ken
e! kinki da yo ne? mie ken
budou ga oishii yamanashi ken
chabatake ni sodateraremashita’! shizuoka ken

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito hokuriku
kagahyakumangoku ishikawa ken
kusuri wa toyama! okome wa niigata!
fukui? fukushima? RASU BEGASU?

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito kantou
katsudou kyoten yo toukyou to
kanagawa de umareta no
itoko wa saitama na no
chiba ni wa asobi ni iku no
ibaraki de kaisuiyoku☆
gunma tochigi gunma tochigi
u—–n! a-rin!!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito touhoku
ganbare! ganbare! touhoku!
fukushima no momo ga daisuki desu
yamagata sakuranbo daisuki desu
miyagi no gyuuTAN daisuki desu
akita komachi daisuki desu
aomori ringo wa TEPPAN desu
iwate no osakana daisuki desu
douka akiramezu
kibou wo sono mune ni

nihon zenkoku tobimawarou!
minna no egao ai ni yukou!
hikouki wa hayai zo-
(FLY! FLY!! FLY!!!)
yume no tsubasa de hitottobi!
okashi tabetterya tsuichau Z!
“JU-SU okawari ii desu ka-”
momoiro KURO-BA- JETTO!!

hyoito hyoito hyohyoito NIPPON
hyoito NIPPON daibouken
momokuro JETTO!

2013-February Shinnyo-en Buddhism Podcas

2013-February Shinnyo-en Buddhism Podcast – 2013-February Shinnyo-en Buddhism Podcast – Your Heart and The Stars Filed under: Shinnyo Podcasts Tagged: buddhism, Dalai Lama, Gautama Buddha, Opposing Views, Religion, Religion and Spirituality, What Is Buddhism

2013-February Shinnyo-en Buddhism Podcast

2013-February Shinnyo-en Buddhism Podcast – Your Heart and The Stars

2013-February Shinnyo-en Buddhism Podcast – Your Heart and The Stars

2013-February Shinnyo-en Buddhism Podcast – Your Heart and The Stars

Creating Your Own Destiny (and Reality)
Why the Stars are Prominent in Buddhism
Practice from Your Heart

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Some people say they were born unlucky.  Yet we are the ones who create our future, and we can change our destiny at every moment of every day, with each decision and action we choose to take. From the winter solstice to the seasonal divide [in Jpn. setsubun, or the coming of spring], days grow longer as part of the yearly cycle. That is when a negative phase begins turning into a positive phase (and in the skies, the cross-over of the equatorial divide occurs from the Southern hemisphere to the Northern side.)

During the winter service rituals, we make offerings to the stars that “govern” our lives signifying our choice to respect that which is beyond our control. This comes from practices adopted into Esoteric Buddhism in which stars and planets were regarded as divinities, and included in mandalas for prayers and rituals. This gave people a practical means of effecting inner transformation by linking with the cosmic forces that move the stars in the sky and rotate the planet without our human intervention.

The Star Ritual period, during which a star offering rite is conducted daily, is held beginning with the winter solstice and concluding at the traditional seasonal divide. It comes at the time of the lunar New Year, when we are reminded of change, especially within ourselves. The Star Ritual acts as our own ritualistic purification of the delusions or karma that hinder our buddha nature from emerging. The practices of purification for spiritual growth and repentance for inner purification are performed along with the prayers and rituals. The rites are directed at transforming the stars that govern negativity into ones that govern and boost positivity, and help to reorient our minds so that we can transform our lives in the New Year. The Shinnyo-en Winter Training is held beginning with the new year and also concluding with the seasonal divide. That is why the end of the Winter Training coincides with the final homa (or spiritual purification ceremony) of the Star Ritual. During Winter Training, we endeavor in acts of purification—specific acts of practice to polish ourselves and awaken our buddha nature.
The underlying significance of Winter Training for our sangha will remain unchanging in the eternal future. As the first Shinnyo-en Winter Training started with the enshrinement of the Mahavairochana Achala back in 1935, it is a period for practitioners to go back in spirit to the beginning and renew their vow to uphold the  dharma and embody the spirit of Achala’s embodiment of perseverance and determination deep within their own hearts and minds. When our faith remains unwavering and we strive in altruistic practice, we can help to fill the world with “everlasting hope.”

In this month’s premier issue of the new English-language publication “Resonance” (formerly “The Nirvana”, available online to Shinnyo practitioners world-wide), an early observation from Master Shinjo Ito provided the essential distillation of all dharma teachings:

Jan-1975: A letter requesting that I contribute an article for the magazine Josei Bukkyo [“Women in Buddhism”] arrived while I was out preparing for a propagation trip to [the northern region of] Tohoku. Upon my return I read the letter, and when I saw the proposed title, “The Nirvana Sutra: A Light in My Heart,” I truly felt that the Mahaparinirvana (Nirvana) Sutra is indeed a light in my heart. I would even go as far as to say it is my life.

(Buddha Shakyamuni)  urges each individual to become a person who gives true spiritual support and encouragement to others. At the same time, he explains that the Nirvana teachings cannot be grasped only by theory or logic but must be mastered above all through actual practice; that is, putting the teachings into action.

In this world of the present, it may seem as if everything we see and hear brings us only anxiety, fear, or anger instead of happiness and joy. We may simply shrug our shoulders at the situation, but are we not also committing, unknowingly or at times even knowingly, the same kind of negative actions in our daily lives [that cause this anxiety, fear, or anger in others]? From child discipline to nuclear war, I think we need to give thought and reflection to these problems [instead of turning a blind eye to them]. These are not someone else’s issues. I believe the first step in Buddhism can be summed up in the phrase “give matters due thought.”


Momoiro Clover [+Z] MomoClo ももいろクローバーZ

A haunting version of Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimi Tachi Yo (サラバ、愛しき悲しみたちよ, “Farewell, My Dear Sorrows”) (Music Box version by Orgel Sound):

My own MomoClo YouTube collection:

Like this ever needs an explanation. it’s MomoClo!

My particular favorite tends to be もリフだョ 全員集合(Morifu Dayo! Zenin Shuugou …because to me, it shows off their versatility.)

Why? They’re weird. Cute. Songs steeped in tradition. Able to parody themselves. Dance like P90X done for 2.5 hours straight, in costumes. The backing arrangements are exotic, symphonic and listenable on their own. The lyrics actually mean something (usually.)

Try a read of this wiki article covering just a smattering of this group’s unique traits:

Most uniquely – where else do you find passionate fans overseas in Paris, France able to totally support 5 teenage girls performing a capella due to a power-failure mid-concert? (Orange Note – オレンジノート)

Momoiro Clover [+Z] MomoClo ももいろクローバーZ

Happy! Go! Lucky!

I’ve been thinking lately about where I would place Momoclo’s songs in a ranking, what ones do I love the most, and why.

Some of the inspiration for this comes from the recent news of Momoiro Clover Z being the group chosen to sing the theme song for the new Sailor Moon series in 2013.  Suddenly Momoclo’s videos on youtube were blowing up with english comments, and let’s just say not everyone seems as excited as I am about it…   But even I have to admit that if my first exposure to the group was a rather sloppy live cover of Moonlight Densetsu, I might not have been too happy either!

I don’t expect Momoclo to appeal to everyone, in fact, their strangeness is one of the things I like most, and that very thing may be what drives some away.  But, I’m sure there are some people out there…

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Speaking of Speaking at Collaborate 13 – 4/7-4/11/2013 Denver Colorado

Direct Link to the Session Scheduler:

Session 428 – Monday 4/8/2013 9:45-10:45A MHB 3C

Wondering what the black box of Fusion Middleware really entails? Not sure the difference between Fusion Middleware, Fusion Applications, Cold Fusion, or Fusion Jazz… we can help! This presentation will give a high level overview of what tools are part of Fusion Middleware and briefly touch on what they do. This session will be a lead in for the rest of the day where you can get more detailed information about some of the Fusion Middleware products. Start your day at a high level and begin your Fusion Middleware learning here.

1. Clarify the various categories of technology that comprise the Fusion stack and how they are related to application design, development and administration.
2. Identify focus areas for further exploration and education by Functional Roles.
3. Differentiate between Fusion Applications and Fusion Middleware components and how they are related to each other.

Oh, and  Register by March 6 and save up to $300 off the onsite rate! When you register, please choose priority code BOD13 during the demographic section (step 4) of the registration process and enter my name in the “Recruit a New Attendee” section.

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