Shinnyo-en Los Angeles Winter Training goes online for 2013

Shinnyo-en at the beginning of each year holds the “Winter Training” sessions to provide a focused start for our actions each year, and provide the opportunity for beginners and visitors to get a taste of what Mahayana esoteric buddhism practice is like (chanting, mediation, dharma talks, etc.) on a local and convenient basis.

The Southern California area served by the Los Angeles Shinnyo-en Buddhist Temple in Yorba Linda, has summarized all the information this year on our subsite on the website (also participating this year are New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Hawaii)

Visit the main site at to view the other locations and information about what goes on during Winter Training with Shinnyo-en.

** Addendum:

Winter Training is actually open to Everyone (not just Shinnyo-en followers).  If you’d like to attend one or more training sessions, just contact the training site coordinator for the location you would like to attend to let them know you’re coming.  They are spread all over the place to make attendance convenient.


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