Collaborate 2012 Networking Opportunity Events/Party List – Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay

Where I can keep track of the special events (note: these are not just “parties” as so many people are misled to believe, but yes, alcohol is usually to be found) at Collaborate 2012:

  • IOUG Welcome Reception (Ops Classified), Sun 5-7p, Mandalay L
  • Virtualization SIG Meet and Greet, Sun 4-5p, Surf F
  • OAUG Welcome Reception, Sun 6:30-8:30p, Shark Reef Aquarium MBay
  • Geek Meet, Mon 8-9p, Mandalay L
  • Collab Welcome Reception, Mon 6-8p, Exhibitor Showcase
  • TruTek Original Software Party, Mon 7-11p, MB Hotel Suite 34135
  • Quest/TOAD Reception, Mon 8-10p, MB Eyecandy Lounge
  • Collab Exhibitor Showcase Happy Hour, Tues 5:30-7p, Exh Showcase
  • RF-Smart/JDE Alliance, Tues 6:30-9:30p, Border Grill
  • TierData/Excel4apps/More4apps Reception, Tues 8-11pm, Mandalay Bay (minus5° Ice Bar)
  • CSS/DSI Tues 7-11p, MB House of Blues Concert
  • Collaborate Back to the 80s Party, Weds 7:30-10:30p, Mandalay Bay

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