Wanted: A Better Reusable Coffee Pod (K-cup)

K-cup pods – making coffee one cup at a time. So what do you do with yours? Try to recycle? Landfill? Don’t know because you use them at the office and your office doesn’t have a recycle bin?

Keurig itself came up with this idea – main faulty design flaw is the plastic cage. It should be all stainless steel, so people don’t complain about the rims breaking off after a few weeks of use.

Here’s a novel idea as well – a reusable cap that has an improved water injector design used for re-capping existing plastic pods by washing them out and re-using them.

Instead, just put it all together and call it done. All-metal design, with a reusable cap.  If you do it, you could be a bazillionaire!

Myself, I just use a regular espresso hand-pressure machine with a regular old stainless grounds cup and tamp out the puck and rinse it.

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