Geeks! The Musical! Workout! [Preview Teaser]

A Preview of Geeks! The Workout! based loosely upon Geeks! The Musical! written by Thomas J. Misuraca and now in its 2nd record-breaking week. This is a parody aerobics exercise video the cast dreamed up during those long rehearsals for what will become a legendary fictional depiction of life and times of the days of the epic Comic-Con conventions! Fantasy, anime, Sci-Fi, comic lovers and CosPlay unites under the performances of an incredibly talented cast and original musical score by Ruth Judkowitz. Original choreography by Liz Heathcoat. Your featured aerobics instructor/choreographer for this silliness is Laura De Lano

Visit for more information and get your tickets through any of the following venues:

Or cash at the door by RSVP to 323-469-3113



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