Having quick fun with Reaper and Jamstix

So here’s a fun thing that took me all of 10 seconds to learn – Send the Jamstix output to another track (#2 shown here), recorded as audio and MIDI (on the original Jamstix track #3), then send the MIDI output from #3 to another VSTi (in this case Coyote WT/GM2 DXi on Track #1), and play both back panned hard right and left, with additional MIDI coming from the live play TriggeriO.

Have to admit – this was a LOT easier to learn quickly than when I was fiddling with Cubase 5 trying to learn it sufficiently for 2 months to do something like this.)

Kind of wish PowerTracks 2011 had support for Jamstix (self-generating VST instruments don’t work well in PT – www.pgmusic.com). But at least (working the other way around) Band-in-a-Box drag-and-drop works fine with Reaper, so getting those basic song templates in to be worked on is still very easy.

And a minor thing, it took me a few more minutes to figure out how to open a multi-track MIDI file correctly in Reaper. My initial instinct to drag-and-drop it into a track resulted in very odd looking squished MIDI stuck into a single track.

View -> Media Explorer

What we really wanted was under View -> Media Explorer (which allows you to navigate to the desired MIDI (or whatever) file:


Imports of multi-channel MIDI should look like this (allowing the natural splitting of channels into separate tracks – and synchronizing the tempo setting at the same time):

Then it looks like we’d expect in a plain sequencer:


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