Logitech Drums (Wii/PS3/XBox) with MIDI (finally)


I bought one of these to have more fun with a Nintendo Wii during RockBand, Guitar Hero, Band Hero, etc.:  Logitech Wireless Drums

Lots of people stared at the back of the control unit and thought

(Hey, it’s got MIDI! see right-side of unit photo below) But alas, no, it was for “future expansion” as a MIDI In (?…more triggers?)

So…we wait for technology to finally catch up and listen to all the complaints about lack of cross-talk adjustment, velocity curves, gain adjustment.

And then Alesis delivers it with their Trigger|iO unit – street-priced around $130, it can handle 10 dual-zone triggers. plus hi-hat pedal and dual-footswitch (for changing kits and patches and such).

With a handful of 1/8 to 1/4 stereo adapters (the little black thing next to the original Logitech drum plug), you convert the Logitech triggers into the right plug size for the standard Trigger|iO MIDI unit.

Out goes MIDI to what have you (or just use USB to your computer and play using the built in sound-card, if that’s what you have). For Windows, you could use Sekaiju, or for Linux perhaps QTractor.  I use both since there are great analog and digital kits in my keyboard arranger, but having real samples works well, too.  Trigger|iO also comes with a free-Lite version of EZDrummer from ToonTrack.com which has a few nice sampled kits in it.

Anyway, with the Trigger|iO you can adjust all the velocity curves and various settings to tune the rather stoic Logitech triggers into very playable surfaces, and get 2 things back out of your original purchase.  Or… an electronic drum kit for about $300 that actually sounds decent and a lot more playable than a Pyle or ION kit (and still controls RockBand, Guitar Hero, Band Hero…etc.)


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